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Miracles coaches have one purpose – to help you succeed! We work along side you, encouraging, teaching and empowering you to achieve your goals every step of the way. We want you to know why you are doing what you do so you can succeed when you return home. Results happen when you know what you are doing and see change.


Everyday enjoy healthy and nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner with healthy snacks throughout your stay. Each meal has clean and lean proteins for muscle building, complex carbs for energy, veggies and fruits for fiber and needed nutrients and other healthy snacks that help run your body properly through each day.


Our purpose is ­to help you succeed. Our personalized approach is what sets us apart. You will find available so much information you can utilize to create your path to success. Knowledge is power and we want you to leave the both.


At home coaching support to ensure your long-term success after arriving home. We can speak with you anytime through email and text to maintain the support you need to continue on your journey at home.

Miracles is a program created to work from the inside out! When we place effort on the inward workings of a person the outside can’t help but evolve into a positive being. We are 100% all-inclusive, keenly focused, no nonsense, results-driven fitness and weight loss retreat that gives everything they have to each client that steps into the retreat. We want YOU to find success in yourself and what you can accomplish. We’ve seen so many amazing miracles happen when clients come ready to let go of the past and start anew.

Losing weight is most definitely a personal journey that poses many challenges such as: overcoming personal setbacks, negative learned behavior, lack of belief in ones self, food addictions, negative feelings about exercise, etc….Our job at Miracles is to ensure that each client understands their barriers and becomes aware that they can overcome them and thus open the doors to physical, emotional and mental success in the future.

We cater to our clients individual needs with no more than 10 clients per week. We take great pride in making sure we know you and you know us so that the environment of trust can facilitate change. Knowing your REAL goals and getting there together is a priceless combination.

Through proper and adequate nutrition and exercise we work tirelessly to inspire those who are looking to transform there bodies. And this can happen for you as it has so many over the last 8 years. When small efforts of change are made MIRACLES really do happen. We’ve seen it and we know it can happen for you.

Look no further than those who do it best at Miracles Fitness Retreat. Your goals become our goals. Your struggles our struggles. And, your triumph our triumph. You can do this.

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